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First Bank Book Form

This form must be completed in order for students to receive credit for their books read. Mrs. Day will review the responses, send notification to the bank, and notify student through their school gmail account when books have been reported to the bank.

Tennessee Electronic Library
Tennessee Electronic Library
The Tennessee Electronic Library can connect students to hundreds of informative journal and magazine articles.

Challenged Materials

The Lincoln County Board of Education official policy for controversial materials.

MLA Works Cited Resources
MLA documentation examples
A helpful source of information on parenthetical expressions, bibliographies, and all things MLA!  To see MLA citation examples for a works cited page, scroll down to the bottom of the page once you're connected.

APA Style
APA style tutorial

Perdue Owl

This is a great refernce site for MLA citations.

Plagiarism video

Mimio Connect

This site allows teachers use of already created mimio presentations.

Social Studies
French Revolution

Informational Text Exemplars
Speech to the Second Virginia Convention

Famous line from the poem: "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"

George Washington.

"Gettysburg Address"

Lincoln's "Second Inaugural Address"

FDR State of the Union Address 1941

I am an American Day

Margaret Chase Smith "Remarks..."

MLK "Letter from Birmingham Jail"

"I Have a Dream"

Elie Wiesel, "Hope, Despair and Memory"

Reagan, "Address to Students at Moscow State University"

Anna Quindlen, "A Quilt of a Country"

Poetry Text Exemplar
Shakespear "Sonnet 73"

"We Grow Accustomed to the Dark"

John Donne "Song


The Raven

"Lovliest of Trees"

"Lift Every Voice and Sing"

"Yet Do I Marvel"

Musee des Beaux Arts

"Women" Alice Walker

"I am offering this poem to you"

Rube Goldberg
Rube Goldberg

Math in the Movies

A multitude of movie clips in which math is addressed.

Student videos--Journalism
Karla Lua's First Month of School

Rebecca Yumul's First Month of School

Miriam Davis's Video

Taylor Wiseman

Ashley Field

Greek Mythology

more mythology information

Bullfinch's Mythology

An absolutely terrific source for your research project.

Agriculture Career

Great links included on this site.

Explore Careers in Ag

A multitude of jobs listed.  Click on a job and you will receive MUCH information.

Ag Day Careers in Agriculture

Education Portal

This site lists a large variety of jobs in the agrucultural field.

Georgia Agriculture Education

This site lists many ag careers with a description of each.

Agriculture Jobs List

University of Kentucky Agriculture Dept.

Allusions and More Literary Terms and Examples

This website is very nice.  The information I've found here is relilable and helpful.  It's a great place to get literary information of all kinds.

Agriculture Issues
USA today--horse slaughter activists article

Impact of banning horse meat for human consumption

The Journey to Slaughter

The Humane Society's Stand on Horse Slaughter

Five Major Challenges Facing North American Agriculture

House Committee On Agriculture

Emerging Issues in Animal Agriculture

Farmers list top issues impacting agriculture

Current Topics: Selected Issues in American Agriculture Today

Top Ten Political Issues Facing Agriculture


Problems in Agriculture: Loss of Land and Decreased Varieties

Reviews for books, movies, and more
Common Sense Media

Is the book or movie you're interested in appropriate for you? A great resource for audiences of all ages.

Health Research and Information
Center for Disease Control

A reliable source of health information.

American Sexual Health Association (STDs)

Web MD STD information

The Library Reviews

The NGA Library would like to thank Jasmine Hawkins for her time and dedication to the new book review website. Enjoy her book reviews and movie trailers when you click the review link here.