School Supply List 2017-18
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017
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Physical Science

1.5" 3 ring binder

Loose Leaf paper

pencil or blue/black ink pen


English I*

1" 3 ring binder (Clear front pocket) Students must have an English ONLY binder

Dividers - 5 pack

yellow highlighter - 2

red ink pen - 2

3 prong plastic folder

clear sheet protectors - 20

wide ruled loose leaf notebook paper

*additional supplies may be listed by each individual teacher as listed in the syllabus


Social Studies*

3 inch binder

loose leaf notebook paper (college ruled)

pencils, ink pens (black and blue)


highlighters (any color)

*class specific supplies will be addressed by teachers during the first week of school



plastic folder w/pockets and brads

loose leaf paper 

pen or pencils



TI-84 Plus CE (re-chargeable/color) calculator

3" binder

loose leaf paper

graph paper (1/4 inch squares)

pencils (preferably mechanical)

colored pencils / highlighters


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